“Dorm Life” Photos

09 Apr

The photo-recreation group has decided to post several pictures from a particular category and from there we will choose which picture to use for our project. I have chosen three photos for the category “Dorm Life”.

1. This is a photo from the Battlefield yearbook from 1950. I chose it because it won’t be hard to recreate. All we need is a dorm room to use and a small bed, two women dressed from 1958. It also won’t be hard to modernize this photo either.


Dorm Life 1958

Dorm Life 1958

2. The top, left photo shows a student writing to a soldier. Once again I chose a photo that would be easy enough to recreate and modernize but also holds some significance. With Quantico being so close I thought this represented our connection to the area.

Dorm Life 1959

Dorm Life1959

3. This final photo is a student studying in her room. Once again how hard would this be to recreate?

Dorm Life 1950

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