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On Readings….

09 Feb

Here is a quick opinion on the reading for the week of February 9, 2012. I  really enjoyed reading the selection contained in the Modern American Women text. The stories were personal and taken directly from the women who experienced the problems women faced. There were several phrase that struck out to me…

“…no one but a man can do this” – from “Girl Reporter Derring- Do”,  Nellie Bly

“…the sphere of women is her home…” -from Bertha Palmer’s speech at the World’s Columbian Exhibition

“…no girl can live without a father or a husband to look out for her…” -from Anzia Yezierska, “An Immigrant Daughter Awakens to the Possibilities of the New World”

While the readings in Unequal Sister is more report style and fact based information. These reading show the inequality women faced not only as women but women as ‘other’…that is other than white. These woman face discrimination from the American society but also on a cultural level. For example the women featured in “The Social Awakening of Chinese American Women” faced discrimination from the American government and society but because they kept ties with their country of heritage they still had to comply with their limitations and cultural norms.


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