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Hello, My Name is….

09 Apr

(Quick Bio of my new 1950’s persona)…


Hello my name is Ruth Louise Wright, from Alexandria, Virginia. This is my senior year and I am a Home Economic Major.  I live in Virginia Hall and am part of the Home Economics Club and the Young Women’s Christian Association.

“Dorm Life” Photos

09 Apr

The photo-recreation group has decided to post several pictures from a particular category and from there we will choose which picture to use for our project. I have chosen three photos for the category “Dorm Life”.

1. This is a photo from the Battlefield yearbook from 1950. I chose it because it won’t be hard to recreate. All we need is a dorm room to use and a small bed, two women dressed from 1958. It also won’t be hard to modernize this photo either.


Dorm Life 1958

Dorm Life 1958

2. The top, left photo shows a student writing to a soldier. Once again I chose a photo that would be easy enough to recreate and modernize but also holds some significance. With Quantico being so close I thought this represented our connection to the area.

Dorm Life 1959

Dorm Life1959

3. This final photo is a student studying in her room. Once again how hard would this be to recreate?

Dorm Life 1950

Photo Recreation Update

05 Apr

Today in class we divide up individual tasks for the photo recreation aspect of our recreation project. By Tuesday (April 10th) each member of the group will have explored the archives and will have selected two possible choices for photos from their particular asinment to recreate. Each member will then post their photo ideas and will list materials needed and location sites for the photos. Each member of the group will also give an explanation as to how each picture can be modernized. By Thursday we will chose the five pitures that will be used for our portion of the overall project, each member of the class is welcome to add their comments and help vote for the pictures we choose to recreate. We also divided up individual assignments…

Sarah L: will search for pictures pertaining to Dorm Life and will Write Up Summaries for the photos that will be used in the scrapbook.

Stephanie: will search for photos pertaining to the Campus itself and will be the Liasion between our group and the clothing/ material group

Hannah: will search for photos pertaining to Academics and will be Taking the Photos and Processing them with Sara M

Sara M: will search for photos the pertain to Student Life on campus and will also be Taking Pictures and Processing them with Hannah

Sam: will search for photos pertaing to Student Activities and Clubs and will Put Together our Final Scrapbook


Photo recreation Group summary

04 Apr

Our goal for this project is to recreate a scrapbook that will display our photo recreations using film media and processing. Two of our group members posses cameras that we will use to take our pictures. They are also able to use black and white film and are able to process the pictures. We will be choosing about five separate pictures from the UMW archive to recreate. These photos will cover academics, students activities/ clubs, student life, dorm life and the campus itself. We will also do a small write up about each picture and how things have changed in the past 60 years. In order to accomplish our goal we will need the assistance of the ‘clothing/ Material’ group and will also need the assistance of the entire class as participants for the photos themselves. We will be meeting again to go over what pictures we can reasonably recreate and how we can recreate those pictures.


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