1950’s Recreation of the Classroom

26 Mar
 The hardest part about this project has been in researching what went on in the classroom. The 1950’s group was one of the groups that was able to really put the details of the classroom together well. One of their best sources was with their interviews and their photos. I would like to try and recreate the photos that have been collected from the 1950’s. That way we wouldn’t be limiting ourselves to one specific discipline, classroom and it would help us access the non-academic portion of our research. It would also be to our advantage to try and incorporate some of the Alumni from that period. The individuals that were interviewed are a great asset to our recreation and we should try to involve than as much as possible. Maybe we can use them as Professors or advisers. It would be best to incorporate the Theater department in on all that we are trying to do. I’m not sure how much we can do with all the ideas we have. Many times our ideas are bigger than what is actually attainable. When it comes to delving out roles they should really be passed out on a volunteer basis. I would like to see our entire class somehow incorporated into the photos and I know there will be plenty of opportunities for that. They are merely suggestions for what could happen next in our project.

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